Franklin County Code of Ordinances
Adopted 12/15/2008

Code of Ordinances by Section

Table of Contents

Title I. Organization and Structure 

1.1 Establishing the Board of Supervisors
1.2 Authorizing Industrial Property Tax Credits
1.3 Special Assessment Reimbursement
1.4 Local Option Sales & Services Tax
(Coulter, Dows, Geneva, Hansell, Latimer, & Sheffield)
1.5 Acceptance & Reporting of Gifts
1.6 Highway 65 Development District
1.7 Urban Revitalization Areas
1.8 Northern Pipe Urban Renewal Area
1.9 Repealed
1.10 Assessment of Wind Energy Conversion Property
1.11 Franklin County-Dows Urban Renewal Area

Title II. Public Services

2.1 Reserved
2.2 RAGBRAI - Repealed

Title III. Business and Occupations

3.1 License & Regulation of Junkyard Operations

Title IV. Streets, Roads, Public Ways, and Transportation

4.1 Protect & Regulate Secondary Road ROW
4.2 Uniform Rural Address System
4.3 Snow or Ice Removal
4.4 Prohibiting Vehicle Parking on Public ROW During Snow Removal
4.5 Utility Line Installation Permits
4.6 Area Service System "B" Road Classification
4.7 Area Service System "C" Road Classification

Title V. Public Order, Safety, and Health

5.1 County Conservation Officers Law Enforcement Authority
5.2 Public & Private Property Nuisances
5.3 Public Activities
5.4 Litter in Public Places
5.5 Hazardous Substances
5.6 Municipal Disposal of Solid Waste
5.7 Yard Wastes
5.8 Drug Paraphernalia
5.9 Sex Offenders Residency Restrictions
5.10 Erecting & Maintaining a Fence
5.11 Public Inhalation

Title VI. Property and Land Use

6.1 Zoning Regulations
Unofficial Franklin County Zoning Map Atlas
6.2 Subdivisions
*Subdivision ordinance was updated 6/22/2009
6.3 Hampton Municipal Airport Height Zoning
6.4 Management and Control Guidelines for Flood Plain Development
* Flood plain ordinance was updated 10/19/2009
Current Floodplain Inundation Reference Map Atlas (2008)
1979 FHBM (Flood Hazard Boundary Map) Atlas

Title VII. Social and Human Services

7.1 County Board of Health Regulations

Title VIII. Culture, Education, and Recreation

8.1 County Conservation Board

Title IX. Franchises (Reserved - blank)

Title X. Administration

10.1 Readopting Existing County Code

County Code of Ordinances

The Franklin County Ordinances were updated and adopted on December 15, 2008.

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