Central Iowa Recovery

Central Iowa Recovery, (CIR), provides Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services, (IPRS), a service designed to promote and facilitate an individual's steps toward recovery.

Individuals participating in IPRS will work with a Qualified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner, (QPRP), on average 4 to 10 hours per week for 18 to 24 months before graduating from the program. Individuals will work to achieve life changing goals in their "Living, Learning, Working and/or Social" environments.

Participants will work individually with their practitioner as well as in groups or "cohorts" with other individuals seeking achievement and recovery.

For more information contact: The Franklin County Practitioner at 515-293-1715 or the CIR Executive Director Tim Bedford at 515-832-9550.


Central Iowa Recovery

Franklin County Practitioner
Phone: 515-293-1715

Tim Bedford
CIR Executive Director
Phone: 515-832-9550